AgeilityFit Classes

AgeilityFit Classes

We ensure our members and clients receive exercises, workouts and classes that are appropriate for them and to work towards being a better version of themselves.

Our Classes


An instructor led group fitness class using light dumbbells and resistance bands to perform a variety of exercises for the entire body. Standing and seated exercises and movements are used to help improve general fitness, strength and balance. Classes have warmup, conditioning, balance, coordination, stretch and relaxation elements. Structured for 60s and over, but not limited to these age groups, the classes take into account the abilities and capabilities of the age groups and participants.

Classes are offered both in person and online as well.

Current Locations

  • Helensvale
  • Hope Island
  • Nerang
  • Pacific Pines
  • Parkwood (opening mid 2022)
  • Pimpama
  • Ormeau
  • Southport
  • Upper Coomera


A step up from MatureFit. These instructor lead classes still use bands and weights for muscle strengthening but adds some more active movements for heart health and cardio fitness. This class includes some floor based exercises to strengthen the core and provide whole body exercises to keep you active, fit and healthy.

While providing a more active focus, this style still adheres to our mission of making classes accessible for everyone so that all fitness levels and abilities are considered in classes. Alternatives and various difficulty levels are outlined as necessary.

Classes are offered both in person and online as well.

Current Locations

  • Helensvale

Stronger for Longer

Your own personalised fitness program in a group fitness class environment. Whether you are looking to improve your movement ability, strength, fitness, getting back into exercise or making a new start, this class will give you a personal approach that you need to get your fitness on track. Your own personal trainer is there to guide you through a program that benefits your needs while you have the support of others in the group as well.

Ideal for beginners and above as well as people recovering after rehab

Current Locations

  • Nerang

Lungs in Action

A safe and enjoyable pulmonary maintenance exercise program for people living with a chronic lung disease, such as COPD. It is also suitable for people with heart failure who often experience similar breathlessness symptoms. Once people have completed an eight week rehab course, they can join a Lungs in Action class to help maintain and progress their fitness.

Training and accreditation for this course is provided through Lungs Australia and is required before undertaking these high-risk classes. While the participants’ goals are to maintain fitness, the primary concern for the trainer is to ensure correct technique while maintaining proper breathing patterns.

Classes are offered in person but have been delivered online as well. Participants are required to complete an 6-8 week Pulmonary Rehab course, see your doctor for more information and a referral. To find out more about Lungs in Action visit Lungs Australia here.

Current Locations

  • Helensvale
  • Nerang
  • Pimpama (opens mid 2022)

Personal Training

AgeilityFit provides both in gym and at home training for clients. These sessions are tailored for the participant and range from both physical development to rehabilitation focus. Clients range from those in excellent health and high physical ability to people with shoulder, knee or other joint issues as well as people with Dementia, Parkinsons or stroke affected. Many of these more physically affected clients are part of the NDIS.

Small & Large Group Fitness

AgeilityFit trainers also provide gym based and outdoor classes for all ages in a variety of styles. Classes have been provided at several fitness locations on the Gold Coast, including Jetts and PCYC gyms.

Styles on offer include:

  • Spin Cycle
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Outdoor or Indoor Bootcamp
  • High Intensity Interval Training
  • Boxercise
  • Cardio
  • Circuit
  • Body Pump
  • Zumba

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