AgeilityFit for Halcyon Residents

AgeilityFit manages the Health and Well-being program at four of the Halcyon properties on the Gold Coast:

  • Halcyon Greens (Pimpama)
  • Halcyon Rise (Logan Reserve)
  • Halcyon Waters (Hope Island)
  • Vision by Halcyon (Hope Island)

The Health and Well-being program at Halcyon provides exercises, workouts and classes that are appropriate for the various homeowner fitness and ability levels and we help everyone work towards a more active and healthier version of themselves.

This section notes class descriptions and general information for Halycon homeowners (not all class available at all communities).

AgeilityFit Halcyon Classes

Aqua Splash

Get wet and get moving in the pool to improve your fitness and work your muscles. The water helps support the body, ease stress on joints and allow to move easier. Pushing, pulling and moving in the water is a great cardiovascular conditioning, increasing your pulse and breathing rate while working your muscles as well.

Water weights and noodles are used to exercise the upper body as well. You’ll find you can workout easier and longer in the pool all the while moving easier and better.

Homeowners can move to the shallow or deeper areas of the pool depending on their abilities as well as use aids or the side of the pool and handles to assist as needed.

Suitable for all fitness levels

Aqua Push

Get ready to get moving in the pool for an advanced class to improve your cardio, fitness and strength. An interval style class using faster bursts of exercise or the pool weights and noodles to improve your cardiovascular conditioning, work your muscles and improve your movement ability as well.

Homeowners can move to the shallow or deeper areas of the pool depending on their abilities as well as use aids or the side of the pool and handles to assist as needed. While a more advanced class than the Aqua Splash, you work to your ability and intensity.

Suitable for mid to advanced fitness levels

Sit 2B Fit

This chair based group class incorporates bodyweight and band assisted exercises to target all muscles groups and help you strengthen and improve your muscles, get your joints moving and build confidence. A great way to exercise your entire body to your own ability. The class is suitable for those wanting to maintain independence and enhance their wellbeing and provide structured exercises for seniors with chronic health conditions or mobility concerns. All classes offer modifications and are taken at your pace. The class includes a warmup, exercise and stretch sections.

Ideal for exercise newbies, beginners or people with mobility issues.

Steady & Stretch

The strength and balance class helps to reduce the risk of falls by addressing lower limb weakness and balance difficulties. This group class uses techniques that will help strengthen the primary muscle groups and systems of the body that are responsible for balance, such as your legs and core.

This training will involve improving your overall upper and lower body strength along with challenging your balance system with activities that require you to use your whole body. Chairs are provided to aid during the exercises and variations are used to ensure all abilities can participate.

Ideal for all fitness levels and anyone experiencing balance issues.


An instructor led group fitness class using resistance bands and light dumbbells (if possible) to perform a variety of exercises for the entire body. This class combines standing and seated exercises and movements to help improve general fitness, strength and balance. Classes have warmup, conditioning, balance, coordination, stretch and relaxation elements. Movements may be for a set period of time or to the rhythm of the music to help keep you moving. The class take into account the abilities and capabilities of the age groups and participants allowing to move at your pace.

A step up from Sit 2 B Fit or something for beginner to intermediate levels.


This instructor lead group class combines bodyweight, bands and light weights for muscle strengthening while adding some more active movements for heart health and cardio fitness. An aerobics inspired class that will get you moving to the music and having fun before you realise that you are getting more active, fitter and healthier. This class may include some floor based exercises to strengthen the core and provide whole body exercises, modifications and chair based versions are provided.

While providing a more active focus, this class is accessible for everyone so that all fitness levels and abilities are considered in classes. Alternatives and various difficulty levels are provided as necessary.

Ideal for intermediate to more active levels of fitness. An ideal step up from FitStart

Gym 360

Move from exercise to exercise in this group class that combines bodyweight exercises, weights, cardio and core elements. The interval format will keep you moving but always to your own speed and abilities. It’s a great way to build muscle to increase your strength, increase your heart rate to improve fitness, improve bone density and feel and move better.

The trainer will lead you through the class, provide options for your ability and help correct form to ensure you get the most out of the class. Two levels of classes are available:

BASIC – Ideal class for beginners or for those with some exercise experience. A step up from FitStart

PROGRESSIVESuited for reasonable to high level of gym experience and fitness.


A group class with a bit of everything to improve your strength and fitness and get you moving at you own pace. A different workout every time to keep your mind on your toes and your body moving in different ways.

A warmup will get you ready for the exercises to come, a series of functional bodyweight, weighted, low impact cardio and movement activities to work your fitness level. Options may include weighted circuits, intervals, partner and group activities. Your class ends with a gentle stretch to relax you and leave you feeling strong and renewed.

Classes will incorporate Basic and Progressive variations so that people of all abilities can participate. Your instructor will show you the options available so you can exercise to your abilities. An ideal progression from the Gym 360 class.

Two styles of classes are available to fit into your routine:

Outdoor- get you going in the grounds of your community out in the fresh air. The greens, terraces, pickleball courts and other open areas will be used to add variety to your workout.

Indoorwill use dancefloors or open areas to allow for larger groups and also be an alternate for Outdoor classes in bad weather.


A group class focussed on resistance based exercises to promote muscle mass increases, combat strength loss to help improvement movement and also combat bone density loss. A combination of machines, and free weights are used to get your muscles working, strengthen your joints in a safe and controlled environment.

This structured class combines pushing and pulling exercises to get all your muscles moving. It’s not about getting you grunting, it’s about improving your fitness and health for the future. A great way to aid weight loss, mental health and overall well-being through a class that helps you progress from one week to the next.

Ideal for anyone worried about losing strength, wanting weight loss and endurance. Suitable for intermediate to advanced fitness levels.

Lower Power & Tone

An ideal workout that will improve your core, tone and strengthen your glutes and legs and help you with stability. Through the use of holds and controlled movements you help reduce any muscle imbalances, build muscle and improve core strength.

Strengthen your glutes and core to reduce back pain.

Strengthen your quadriceps to improve ability to get up and down as well as lessen knee issues.

A variety of floor and standing movements are used to help you move better, improve stability and move better.


Zumba is a dance workout with a party-like atmosphere. This Latin-dance inspired workout is accessible for all levels, beginners, those needing modifications in their exercise routine and experienced Zumba practitioners. The class builds cardiovascular health by challenging the heart and working the muscles of the hips, legs and arms with dance moves.

Zumba is designed to involve everyone, regardless of fitness level or age. Experience with dance is definitely not required. Moves in class are broken down in a slow and manageable manner. The intention of the class is to move a little and have a lot of fun—it doesn’t matter if you don’t perform each move perfectly, just have fun moving. Chair based versions are available as well.

Zumba includes a medley of dance styles, including merengue, cha-cha, cumbia, belly dance, rumba, tango and salsa to a variety of song styles to get you moving and singing. Different abilities are addressed to the needs of active older adults or the unconditioned beginner. Move to your pace and rest as you need to.

Suitable for low to advanced level


A combination of bodyweight, cardio and light weights to exercise the whole body. Functional movements work more muscles at a time during short more active exercise period followed by short recovery periods. You can make this as brisk and robust as you need to help improve your fitness. Typical formats may have you exercising for a short 20-30 seconds then resting for 10-40 seconds or more.

This style is a great compliment to strength training and study after study shows this style promotes weight loss and fitness improvements for all ages including the elderly.

While generally a more active style, all abilities can participate as you exercise to your capabilities. Trainers will provide alternatives as required.


A rehab inspired class to help people affected by stroke, neurological conditions, Parkinson’s mobility limitations or other health issues in a safe controlled environment. Exercises help improve movement imbalances, poor movement patterns and strength imbalances to promote better movement. Trainers may also work in league with other Allied health professionals to improve health and wellbeing of all participants.

Classes are a group format but personalised for each participant.

Gym Start (Gym Inductions)

Inducting new users to the gym. You will be shown how to use equipment safely and learn more about exercising for your goals. Health and fitness information will also be gather to ensure your abilities are taken into account for all classes.

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