AgeilityFit Fabric Loop Band


Fabric resistance bands are extremely versatile and an invaluable addition to your training. AgeilityFit fabric loop bands are tear-resistant and extremely flexible. These are a great alternative to typical latex bands, offering the same capabilities with a soft and more comfortable feel. Loop bands allow for a range of exercises to be performed under tension. The use of the bands benefit isolation exercises, dynamic stabilisation, muscle activation and increased eccentric control. Bands are an essential part or rehab, rehab and performance work.

The bands are durable and made to last. The fabric elastic is less likely to roll up or catch on hair when in use and stay in place, allowing you to make the most out of your workout. These bands are washable, so you can say goodbye to smelly or dirty bands hanging around your training bag.

To ensure consistency, each band is the same width and length and vary in different resistance strengths. Available in five levels (extra light, light, medium, heavy and extra heavy) with clear labelling and individual colours for easy identification. AgeilityFit Fabric Loop Bands can be sold individually or in a pack.

Resistance levels are:

  • Green – X-Light
  • Blue – Light
  • Yellow – Medium
  • Red – Heavy
  • Black – X-Heavy